VASIL / fiction film


by Avelina Pratt

                          2022 Category B / Co-production: Bulgaria / Spain

                                       Color / 92 min. / Media: 4K DCP

There are people who come into your life to change it. A modern tale about friendship and the roads that connect us.

Vasil (Ivan Burnev) is smart and charming, a first-class bridge and chess player, but lives on the streets of Valencia. Alfredo shelters him in his home for a while to the astonishment of his daughter Luisa. Vasil and Alfredo have nothing in common except their passion for chess. Despite their differences, Alfredo gradually realizes that Vasil has forever changed his life.

The film will hit theaters across the country from January 27, 2023.

Cast: Ivan Burnev, Carra Ellehalde, Alejandra Jimenez, Suzy Sanchez

and Sue Flack.

Director and screenwriter: Avelina Pratt;

Executive Producers: Miriam Porte, Lorena Yuch, Gerard Marginedas;

Cinematographer: Santiago Racah;

Music: Vincent Barrie;

Editing: Juliana Montañez;

Post-production (Bulgaria): Doni Mont - Donka Ivanova,

Creative Studio BG: Ivo Seferov and Bilyana Seferova,

Right Solutions: Todor Todorov;

Casting: Vanya Bajdarova;

Production Director: Ivelina Pavlova,

Organizer: Nadia Mihova;  

Translation from Spanish in the field: Pavlina Bozhkova;

Translation to/from Spanish: Dragomira Lindova, Hristina Stoycheva;

PR: Krasi Genova,

Marketing, advertising and social networks: Krasi Genova, Liana Stoyanova, Ivelina Pavlova, Jerome Godfrey

Production by: Distinto Films - Spain and Activist 38 - Bulgaria

With the support of: National Film Center, ICA Cine Instituto Creativo Audiovisual Ameicano, Cultural Institute of Valencia GVA Invat·tur, ICEC, Program MEDIA Creative Europe, RTVE, TV3, Institut Ramon Llull, ICO and CREA SGR.


activist 38


Warsaw International Film Festival (Spain) - competition,

SEMINCI Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid (Spain) - official competition,

Best Actor Award - ex aequo (Carra Elechalde and Ivan Burnev),

La Mostra de Valencia (Spain) - Special competition section,

Golden Rooster Film Festival (China),

Berlanga Awards (Spain),

Best Film Award,

Best Screenplay Award,

Best Acting Award,

Best Original Score Award,

Award for Best Supporting Actress,

Best Sound Award,

Best Costumes Nomination,

Best Soundtrack Nomination,

Feroz Awards (Spain),

Best Comedy Film Nomination,

Best Actor Nomination (Carra Ellehalde),

Gaudí Awards (Spain),

Nomination for Best Director;

Nomination for Best Actor Award (Ivan Barnev) – Vasil Gendov Awards;

Best Actor Award (Ivan Barnev) – Golden Linden

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