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KineDok starts new season in seven countries and launches the VOD service

KineDok, the alternative distribution platform of European documentary movies, starts its new season of the year 2019 at the film festival Febiofest in Bratislava and in other seven partner countries as well at the same time. The first screening in all partner countries will be held on the 25th of March at 18.30. Visitors of the festival can look forward to Bulgarian documentary Every Wall is a door by Elitza Gueorguieva, who will be present at Bratislava’s Kino Lumiére for discussion after screening. The discussion will be available online, projected after the simultaneous screening in Bucharest, Prague, Sofie, Zagreb and Split. Due to the intentional screening and following streamed discussion with the director of the movie, KineDok expands to the online space. Thanks to the new VOD service, KineDok will be available online during all the year.

KineDok starts a brand new season at the international festival of film clubs Febiofest in Bratislava. First movie, which will be presented at the KineDok section will be Every door is a wall (Elitza Gueorguieva, Bulgaria, France, 2017). Launching screening is planned on the 25th of March at Kino Lumiére with a participation of the director of the movie. There will be a discussion with her after screening not only at Kino Lumiére, but thanks to the online broadcasting also in other places in Bulgary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Norway.

Bulgarian documentary Every Wall is a Door returns us to just post-revolution time in Bulgaria. The early nineties are displayed by a television poll. The director Elitza Gueorguieva chose moments which uncover how the democracy was being born in the ideas of people of the former communism country.

KineDok offers fourteen documentaries from seven European countries. All KineDok's fans can be looking forward to two movies which were nominated for the Czech film Awards in the Documentary section – When the war comes (Jan Gebert, 2018) and King Skate (Šimon Šafránek, 2018) and for others: The movie Woman Captured (Bernadett Tuzza-Ritter, Hungary, 2017) deals with modern slavery, Days of Madness (Damian Nenadić, Chorvatsko, Slovinsko, 2018) tells the story of two mentally differetiated people and Brotherhood (Aslaug Holm, Norway, 2015) reveals pitfalls of bringing up two sons, and many others films.

Bohdan Bláhovec, the coordinator of the KineDok in the Czech Republic, presents novelty of this year, the VOD service. „ For five years KineDok has been connecting visitors, fans and authors of the documentary cinema from seven European countries and this year is very special because of the new service VOD. We are entering to the virtual space, at the page, where you can watch the movies online. It's an interactive videotheque which we created with All visitors of KineDok's screening can get a voucher with the password which they can use to watch movies online. First batch of the movies will be able from the 25th of March, when we start the VOD project.”

KineDok wants to connect visitors and authors of the movies not just at special screening locations but now, in addition within a virtual space. It becomes the project which crosses the borders of the countries and gathers all fans of European Documentary Film at one space.

You can find more information about the next screenings and special events of KineDok on the web page

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