KineDok is a new kind of international community, a unique film club and an alternative distribution platform, connecting both the fans and makers of creative documentary. In its fourth edition, 15 thought-provoking East and Central European documentaries are screened at more than 180 non-traditional venues in the participating countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Norway, Romania and Slovakia.

In a form of shared experience that overcomes the traditional walls of a cinema hall, KineDok comes to your local club, cafe, gallery, attic etc. and invites you not only to come and see the film on a big screen, but also to meet the makers or the protagonists of the film in an informal environment and discuss the issues with them over a drink. Without you, the interested audience, there would be no point in creating documentaries and without the filmmakers, there would be no voice for you, people experiencing interesting or tough times - let us support this symbiosis, let us make art easily accessible, let us spread the word and the basic message of KineDok: these people, these issues, this genre, these places and these countries are not to be overlooked!

KineDok aims to expand and take care of a community of viewers and fans of documentary film and get creative documentary film to the attention of a wider public through screenings and discussions at non-traditional places. Seven European countries cooperate on the fourth edition of KineDok: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Norway, Romania and Slovakia. The online catalogue of the project offers 14 East and Central European documentaries that are screened at more than 25 venues in each country.

"After the 15 years of our intensive support for filmmakers through our activities focused on production and distribution of documentary films, we want to make step towards the audience as well. We want to create new ways for the documentary genre to reach the average viewer, but also enable a closer communication between those who create the films, and those who watch them. Creative documentary brings important and challenging topics, without the public’s interest, however, its support would not make sense. Therefore KineDok meets the specific needs and interests of the documentary audience inviting them to popular cultural sites in their area and at the same time attracts them with new alternative spaces - clubs, cafes, galleries, attics, etc., " says the executive director of Institute of Documentary Film, Bojan Schuch.

IDF as the main coordinator of the project, in cooperation with foreign partners, One World Romania Association (Bucharest, Romania), Restart (Zagreb, Croatia), Éclipse Film (Budapest, Hungary) and Filmtopia (Bratislava, Slovakia), have created an extensive and continuous distribution network for the documentaries on the territory of all of the participating countries, and helps to significantly extend the audience base and increase the general interest in creative documentary by new partnership with Krakow Film Foundation (Poland) and Bergen International Film Festival (Norway) in 2016 and Activist 38 (Bulgaria) in 2017.

KineDok events will take place at already established multifunctional spaces which routinely host concerts, theatrical and dance performances, as well as at more intimate and alternative venues, such as clubs, cafes, train stops, chapels, social centers, etc. Local distributors and communities of young people interested in creative documentary will be the driving force of the project. The projections will be followed by discussions with the directors or other experts in the documentary field.

"I visualise KineDok as a vibrant and growing organism, whose individual parts are autonomous and specific, coordinated by local distributors who use the knowledge of their environment and audience as well as the support of local partners and festivals, but at the same time all parts merge into one internationally recognized unit under the auspices of Institute of Documentary Film, who provides it with the main facilities, service and promotion, " explains Jana Ripplová, the project manager of KineDok.

"KineDok is using experience and extensive database as a guarantee for the successfull realization of the project. By creating a new distributional platform KineDok, a unique tool arose in the field of documentary filmmaking that became an integral part of the distribution of Czech and other documentary films in Central and Eastern Europe," adds Bojan Schuch.

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