Documentary dedicated to Snezhina Kazakova


“This is not a story (stories have a beginning and an end). Who can tell where things start? Which is the moment when you choose your direction? This film was spontaneously born to gather people who once came to the same place, each one by their separate but very intriguing, strange or conspiratorial way and this coming changed their lives. Which is this place? Who are these people? Who is she?

Perhaps it is a film about love….A film, which in its way looks you straight into the eyes.”

Written and directed by: Vesela Kazakova and Bilyana Kazakova-Ugrinska; Animation: Mina Mileva; Music: Vesela Kazakova; Editing: Alexander Antonov and Donka Ivanova; Sound and Mastering: Emilian Gatsov - Elbi

Because of Her / documentary

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